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  During our photography career, over 40 years, we have worked with many Charities and Fundraising Events. These charity events have helped us focus on our future involvement, in particular, breast cancer awareness and early detection. Karen and I each have a family member that fought cancer, one survived and one did not. We are giving you an opportunity to participate with us to educate women about early signs of breast cancer. The new early detection technology is called  "Hologic 3D Mammography". This new mammogram testing is 90% more accurate than conventional mammograms. Finding early signs of cancer before it has spread gives you a 90%  survival rate over a 5 year period. The American Breast Cancer Foundation is one of the leading organizations that recommends early detection as the best defense. The American Breast Cancer Foundation also has several programs to help all women get tested regardless of their financial means through special fundraising businesses like ours. Now we all can give back and pay forward to help women diagnose and receive treatment earlier to save more lives. 

Thank You ...

Please watch the video for valuable information that could save a life.  


Terrence and Karen

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How You Can Participate 


     Please help make a donation by purchasing one or more 5 x 7 Greeting Cards or purchase our boxed set of     12- greeting cards and we will donate 10% or more to the American Breast Cancer Foundation, up to $50,00.           Remember how you felt when you received a handwritten greeting card. Someone you know has taken the time to make you feel really special, and you are. Share your feelings with someone today and share a smile. It doesn't  have to be a Special Occasion anymore to send or give real greeting cards, especially when your greeting card itself is a gift of "ART". Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow.


Fine Art Greeting Cards

Our fine art greeting cards are also collectible. They are original reproductions of photography and art. These 5 x 7 greeting cards can be framed to decorate your home or office. Each card has a famous quote, either from the actors, artists or from our team of copywriters. The boxed set of 12 cards includes two of each design so you can keep one and give one to your husband, wife, a friend, family member, or lover. Greeting cards are blank inside ready for your personal message. Yes, a handwritten message. Wouldnt that be great to receive.

Thank you for participating.


Carlton Fine Art

"Beyond traditional greeting cards"




                                  Greeting Card Choices

     Hollywood Movies

      Portraits from the1940s.

Hollywood women like Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow,and Mae West. Men include Clark Gable Humphrey Bogart and more.

 Collectable beautiful black and white photography from the golden era of Hollywood.

             Great cover quotes !


    Includes matching envelopes.


             ( Available Now)


             Fine Art

  The Fine Art catagory includes   art from todays Contempory,  Abstract, and Art Deco artists.  These original reproductions  are printed on a 5x7 gloss card stock.

A great opportunity to give art on a greeting card anytime of the year. 

              Titled art work.



 Includes matching envelopes. 


               (Coming Soon)



            Pin Up Art

Pin Up art from the 1950s were classic hand painted images of  women who were opinionated,

strong, and sexy. Our collections are keepsake memorbillia. These paintings were published in books, calendars, and even reproduced on airplanes from WW II. 

             Fun cover quotes.


    Includes matching envelopes.           

              (Coming Soon)




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