Blue Line Series Greeting Cards


Your 5 x 7 Greeting Cards come boxed with matching envelopes and are packaged 12- per box.

Each Box contains 6 - different images with 2 - cards of each image.

Inside is blank which gives your recipients a chance to

appreciate your handwritten message.


 "Real greeting cards for real People" 


"Single Card" purchases is also available


The Blue Line Series 

Our limited edition "Blue Line Series" Greeting Cards are available at local specialty and boutique stores.You can also order direct  from us right here online. These Vintage   Hollywood  Portraits are  original reproductions  with 30-differeent designs and  only  available through Carlton  Fine  Art. 



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Our Story


 Throughout our photographic career, we have worked with many charities and local chambers.These fundraising events have helped us focus on our future involvement. In particular breast cancer awareness and early detection. We are giving you an opportunity to participate with us. With your purchase, we will be donating 10% of your order to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.   We will also give you a discounted price. Now we all can give back and pay forward to help women diagnose and treat breast cancer.  Contact us and we would be happy to help your charity or fundraising cause.


Our Greeting Cards are original reproductions of photography and various artists. The Vintage Hollywood Portraits from the 1930s and 1940s are available now. We have a number of great resources that allows us to bring you these very unique but limited edition Geeting Cards. To spice up the vintage greeting cards we have included some sexy quotes or comments from the actresses and actors and some that we have created ourselves. The response has been overwhelming for these classic vintage Greeting Cards, and people love the quotes. 


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Our Cause


 The cause is the early detection of breast cancer. While progress is being made in the treatment of breast cancer,  early detection is the best defense. Today there is new technology. This new technology is called "Hologic 3D mammography". With many locations in your area, women now can have mammograms that are 90% more accurate than the conventional mammograms. Finding cancer before it has a chance to spread gives you close to a 100% survival rate over a 5 year period.  With help from people like you, we are giving women a better chance to detect any risks early so they can live longer. Please view this video for the latest information about this great 3D technology. Then ask loved ones if they have had a breast exam with the latest technology.


For each box of greeting cards or single card purchases, a

10% donation is made on your behalf to the

American Breast Cancer Foundation, Thanks to You.

All Greeting Cards with images are copyrighted by Carlton Fine Art 2017

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