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  During our photography career, over 40 years, we have worked with many Charities and Fund Raising Events. These charity events have helped us focus on our future involvement, in particular, breast cancer awareness and early detection. Karen and I both have a family member that survived breast cancer and one that did not. We are giving you an opportunity to participate with us to educate women about early signs of breast cancer. The new technology is  "Hologic 3D Mammography". This new mammogram technology is 90% more accurate than conventional mammograms. Finding early signs of cancer before it has spread gives you close to a 95%  survival rate over a 5 year period. The American Breast Cancer Foundation is one of the leading organizations that has emphasized that early detection is the best defense. The American Breast Cancer Foundation also has several programs to help all women get tested regardless of their financial means through charity help. Now we all can give back and pay forward to help women diagnose and receive treatment earlier to save more lives. Thank You ...



Please watch the video for valuable information that could save your life.  


Terrence and Karen

Carlton Fine Art




How You Can Participate and Support 


   Purchase one or more 5 x 7 Greeting Cards and we will donate 10% to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.  Greeting cards are blank inside so you can send your handwritten thoughts. Remember how you feel when you receive a handwritten greeting card. Someone you know has taken the time to make you feel really special, and you are. Share your feelings with someone. It doesn't have to be a Special Occasion anymore to send real greeting cards, especially when the greeting card itself is a gift of ART.


Send - Collect - Frame 



Fine Art Greeting Cards


Our fine art greeting cards are collectible works of art. They are high-quality reproductions of photography and art by many famous artists across the country. Our cards are sold from our website and soon in several retail

 locations here in South Florida. You won't find these cards in your traditional card shop. They are sold in specialty gift stores, hotels, salons, spas and upscale clothing and jewelry stores. The 5 x 7 cards are easily framed as a collection. Our boxed set of 12 cards includes two of each design so you can keep one and send or give one to your favorite person. The cards are printed on a premium cover gloss card stock and include matching envelopes. You will enjoy the clever and sometimes provocative quotes. 


Quotes on the Cards


The Vintage Hollywood Portraits from the 1930s are available now. To spice up the limited vintage greeting cards we have included some sexy quotes from the actresses and actors and some that we have created. The demand for these collectible Classic Vintage Greeting Cards has been very high. Make someone smile on any day of the year with a real greeting card that you mail ... that's right you mail it. Your recipients will love it.


New Designs


We will be offering three new categories to our greeting card line up soon. Classic Pin-Up Art from the 1940s and 50s, upscale Art Deco styles, and Famous Artists. Whatever your Greeting Card preferences are, you are making a difference for women's health and are collecting extraordinary works of art and photography at the same time.


Thank you for participating.





                                  Hollywood Portraits 1930s

   Women of the 1930s

Hollywood Portraits from the "A" list of famous actresses. Mae West Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow

and more. Collectable beautiful black and white photography that cannot be duplicated today. 


     Men of the 1930s

Hollywood Portraits in the Mens catagory include Clark Gable, Humphrey Boga​rt, Cary Grant, and more. These actors were a mans man. Masculine, sosfisticated, and intelligent.


  Couples of the 1930s

Hollywood Couples usually consisted of pairing the best from the Womens and the Mens "A" list of actors and actresses. This always created a blockbuster movie with action and romance.


Single Cards

Your 5x7 greeting card comes with a matching envelope

and can be purchased online or at our retail outlets.


Boxed Card Set

Your Boxed 5 x 7 Greeting Cards come with matching 

envelopes and are packaged 12- per box. Each Box

contains 6 - different images with 2 - cards of each image.

Purchased online only.


All cards are blank inside which gives your recipients a

chance to  appreciate  your handwritten message.


 "Real greeting cards for real People" 





For each box of greeting cards or single card purchases, a

10% donation is made by Carlton Fine Art to the

American Breast Cancer Foundation, Thanks to You.


All Greeting Cards with images and quotes are copyrighted by Carlton Fine Art 2017

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